Unleash the power of your ideas with AI 

A consultancy for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nennisiwok AI Lab, makes the most of data gathered both internally and outside to get useful information that aids organizations in automating crucial procedures to increase revenue and gain a competitive edge.

The lab is fueled by technology, creative thinking, and lateral thinking.

By conceptualizing and creating new value propositions supported by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we improve the efficiency of each of our individual customers according to their industry.

Our Capabilities

We deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to give our clients specialized tools that will help them achieve a substantial competitive advantage and streamline their business processes.

Predictive analytics

We develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps that may be used to anticipate customer behavior and results and steer the growth of your business.

Machine Learning and Data Science

We create self-learning algorithms that improve accuracy and reduce mistakes by learning new knowledge from collected data.

NLP and text analytics

Unique AI systems that can carry out customer-focused activities and extract meaning from natural text data are made using natural language processing.

Computer vision

We help businesses increase the efficiency of their company operations by gathering insightful data from online and offline video frames and photographs.

Process automation

Our data scientists and AI developers develop automated solutions that boost productivity, modernize corporate processes, and give workers more time to pursue other interests.

Voice-enabled technology

Our voice assistants employ speech recognition and natural language processing to let users engage with company services and goods.

Our Methodology

We use a process called UQPE that enables us to completely examine, grasp, and unleash the potential of our customers.


Understanding the data & discovery

We evaluate the suitability of your existing data, software architecture, and technology for integrating AI systems and workflows. To create advances, we identify the greatest AI tools and technologies.

Quick development

To demonstrate how AI technology may help your business and to look at how the AI system might be enhanced, we test a small-scale system, or MVP.


As soon as all interested parties acknowledge the advantage and accept the solution, our AI developers and designers put the system into operation. We also support ongoing operations and modifications by providing assistance.


Our team looks at the present process, practices, and operations to see whether an AI solution might boost productivity. We draw up and prototype rapidly in order to collect input from the stakeholders. We compile the requirements and build a plan for your project.

Our Open Talent Ecosystem

Nennisiwok AI Lab Open Talent Ecosystem (OTE), serves its clients with exceptional specialized talent. To respond to each problem and build a team that meets each demand, we mix and scale the appropriate talents.

Internal experts + External experts + Expert researchers​ = Open Talent Ecosystem (OTE)​
talent for our clients >

In-house knowledge and talent

Our core staff is made up of full-time experts in data analytics and AI from Nennisiwok AI Lab.

External knowledge and talent

Access to outside teams for ad hoc projects and responsibilities. Sources include Fiverr, Kaggle, Huggingface, Hackathons, etc.


A component of a startup ecosystem with many others, as well as strategic partnerships with businesses in the sector.


Connections at the top universities worldwide: MIT, UPF, EPFL, ETHZ, UAB, etc.

    Experience and use cases

    a wealth of expertise in a variety of industries, including healthcare, FMCG, marketing, real estate, and finance.

    Artificial Inteligence for all Industries and all Departments

    Extensive expertise in a variety of industries, including healthcare, FMCG, marketing, real estate, and finance.

    To guarantee that our solutions can provide our customers’ businesses a competitive edge, we work with a variety of departments and industries as well as with specific clients by industry.


    Capital should be distributed more effectively if decisions are made without fear of uncertainty.


    Automate sales efforts, prioritize your tasks based on lead scores, and forecast sales.


    Optimize your marketing investment, better target your messages and acquire new customers.


    Lawyers can scan documents using electronic discovery tools based on search phrases or criteria like dates or location.

    Human Resources

    Predict which applicants will make the greatest hires and raise retention rates.

    Logistics and supply chain

    Improve customer experience, automate time-consuming data-related tasks, and allow precise invoice processing and demand forecasting by using AI.


    AI can assist you in producing localized content that is suited to your audience, which will help you give your customers a more smooth and engaging experience (or multiple audiences).

    Customer service

    AI may be implemented in a variety of ways, such as chatbots for customer support, customer self-service, machine learning for customer data analysis, natural language processing (NLP) for speech recognition and assistance, and many more uses.

    What Sets us Apart

    Industry-specific solutions

    We deal with customers that are unique to their sector, which means they are the only owners of the solutions we develop for them.

    Open talent ecosystem

    To assure the caliber and accomplishment of client projects, whether internal or external, we collaborate with a wide spectrum of on-demand personnel. We have experts that can adjust to any situation.

    Sustainable AI

    To make our systems more resilient for both the present and the future, we promote change across the whole lifespan of AI products (design, training, development, validation, validation, refactoring, deployment, and usage of AI).

    Lateral thinking

    We enjoy challenging conventions and thinking outside the box. We provide the most inventive and disruptive tools to assist businesses in realizing their full potential by employing our lateral thinking methodology to discover problems and develop solutions.


    If you believe that Artificial Intelligence can help your company grow and you are interested in discovering the infinite possibilities of AI:

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    1. (inuit) Find after searching.
    2. The ability to think and draw conclusions.