Nennisiwok AI Lab is an Artificial Intelligence technology firm based in Barcelona that, through creativity and the use of the latest technologies, presents solutions to its clients based on data. Data is a crucial part of Nennisiwok AI Lab’s mission. Using the creativity of our teams, we are able to collect and process data from diverse sources to generate AI-based systems that add value to our clients. We believe that answers are found when curious, daring and dynamic people like you come together in an inspiring environment. Where they are given the opportunity to explore the power of digital and data. Where you will be allowed to fail by taking smart risks, and where you will be surrounded by people who share your determination to tackle whatever challenges come your way. In our team we focus on driving the products and the business, focused on solving important problems rather than on specific tools.

You will be part of a growing team to create and support solutions around data, and in which you will be responsible for building statistical models and machine learning, starting with the discovery phase.

Your responsibilities will be:

    • Use of markup languages such as HTML to create web interfaces.
    • Maintenance and improvements of web interfaces of several different projects.
    • Optimizing the applications so that they work at maximum speed.
    • Mobile-based feature design.
    • Collaboration with backend and web design developers to improve usability.
    • Collect comments from users and customers, and address or solve them.
    • Write functional requirements documents and guides.
    • Create quality models and prototypes.
    • Help back end developers with code and troubleshooting.
    • Ensure that high quality standards are met in graphics.
    • Keep up with emerging technologies.


    • Proven work experience as a front end web developer.
    • Hands-on experience with markup languages.
    • Demonstrable experience using React (plus JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery).
    • Be familiar with browser testing and debugging.
    • Knowledge of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment).
    • Knowledge of design aesthetics.
    • Knowledge of SEO principles.
    • Be familiar with software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and content management systems.

At Nennisiwok AI Lab we put a lot of care and time into who we hire. We believe that to offer the best services, we need to build the best teams. Our recruitment process is centered around an informal interview where we’ll get to know more about you and where you’ll meet several members of the team so you can also get to know more about us over coffee.