In this new post we learn what Generative Artificial Intelligence is and we learn about The Geniverse project

The spirit of the Nennisiwok AI-Lab Newsletter is to bring as many people as possible closer to the infinite possibilities that Artificial Intelligence has in all kinds of sectors. And today we woke up creative. That is why we have contacted a great friend and one of the people called to change and enhance the future of human creativity so that he can tell us about his project. Javier Ideami is co-founder of The Geniverse and together with another friend of our Lab, Víctor Pérez, they have a clear goal in mind: to democratize generative Artificial Intelligence.

For those of you who are not familiar with this term and in order not to get lost in the second paragraph, we must first explain what generative AI is. Unlike other more analytical artificial intelligences that seek to classify, detect and interpret patterns for practical purposes, generative AI is focused on producing and generating completely new elements in a multitude of languages such as visual, acoustic and verbal. It uses texts, audio files, images and videos already available, to create original sets that did not previously exist.

In Xavier’s words,

“generative AI helps us return home as it brings us closer to our unique essence as human beings, which is the ability to imagine, invent, and create.”

We are at the beginning of the generative AI revolution that will exponentially increase the creative potential of humanity. To better understand what Generative Artificial Intelligence is all about, we will see some examples while we discover what The Geniverse is going to consist of.

The Geniverse aims to facilitate access to this type of AI mainly to two types of communities. Both the community of coders, of programmers who are already in contact with AI, as well as the community of artists and creatives will benefit. What will all of them find when The Geniverse sees the light in the coming months? On the one hand, programmers will have an extensive open source library – open and free – where they can access all kinds of generative AI models and use them very quickly and easily by entering a few lines of code. Access to these models will be through a Hub in which anyone can contribute so that the entire community can benefit from it. And that is one of the great obsessions of the project, that the work is always by and for the community.

Beyond the library you will also find a platform with which they intend to promote access to this technology through what is called HLI: Human-latent interface. It will be the connection bridge between humans and latent spaces, which are the true heart of Artificial Intelligence. Latent spaces collect very high dimensional information -such as images, audio or video- and compress it into a much lower dimensional space where elements that are similar are very close. In this way, HLIs are platforms that allow human beings to connect with these latent spaces in an easy, intuitive and simple way.

We are immersed in a period of transition in the era of Artificial Intelligence in which we are going to have to program less and less and what we are going to have to do is communicate with Artificial Intelligence as if it were our travel companion. Those in charge of doing so will be the so-called Prompt Engineers, one of the professions with the most future in the coming years. They will be responsible for giving instructions to the Artificial Intelligence through words, through text, to achieve a specific result.

Let’s show an example to know what we are talking about.

If a prompt engineer gives the Artificial Intelligence an instruction such as “I am going to show you a sculpture of David by Michelangelo, and I want you to turn it into a statue with that shape but made of clouds”, the result could be the following.

It is not as simple as it seems. The prompt engineers will be artists who, depending on the nuances they introduce in the instructions, will generate completely different results. Nuances of all kinds, both stylistic and emotional… that can generate from complete disasters to creative wonders never before imagined by man. The Geniverse platform will be as powerful as it is simple to democratize, as we said, generative Artificial Intelligence.

Javier Ideami insists on the importance of the community in this entire process as the engine of the revolution that is yet to come.

“Generative AI is evolving at an incredible speed to the point that no company is going to have all the necessary elements in this world because there are so many people involved in it and it grows so fast that the only way to advance is to do it in community and grow together.

Creating images and videos that express a certain message will be easier than ever. Marketing and advertising creatives must be rubbing their hands with a project of these characteristics. Imagine modifying a company logo to continuously change its style without losing its essence, surrounding the logo with flowers, giving it an Asian touch or letting it change into other elements with which you want to link corporate values. Or think of a video clip in which the lyrics of the songs generate visual expressions that transition between them, creating their own visual universe… the possibilities are endless and the creative processes will be accelerated, achieving incredible results.

AI brings the ability to work with a range of possibilities that exceeds what our brains cannot even imagine. Having been trained with a gigantic amount of data, it is capable of accessing latent spaces with unimaginable possibilities to combine and produce elements. Over the years, generative Artificial Intelligence will go from being a tool to a creative entity in itself, which will drastically change the creative processes in fields as different as cinema, music, or fine arts.

Creativity has always been present in the projects of Nennisiwok AI Lab and we try to be inspired by ideas like our friends Javier and Víctor to apply the best strategies to our clients’ business challenges.

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